97311 Enclosed Burner

The S&J 97311 Enclosed burner incinerates harmful emissions from waste gas streams. Typical applications include fermentation off gas piping systems such as anaerobic digesters or landfill gas. This unit has no visible flame which makes it ideal for residential areas.

The 97311 was specifically designed to completely combust gas in digester and landfill systems. With a minimum destruction efficiency of 99%, the 97311 provides low NOX and CO emissions levels. This burner is ideal for environments that have strict emission requirements and regulations (such as the EPA) and keeps emissions within the allowable limit. The 97311 draws in the proper amount of air to gas ratio to achieve the optimum operating temperature in order for complete combustion to occur. Key data is used to determine the appropriate residence time of the waste gas inside the stack. This is critical to both the reliability of the emissions removal as well as the efficiency of operation.

The Automatic Ignition System accepts a remote contact or a signal from a pressure sensor to initiate ignition sequences. Advanced pilot design including UV sensors for positive flame proofing is available. Pilot System includes pilot pressure regulators and shut-off valves as specified.

The S&J 97311 can be configured with any combination of measuring instruments for complete recording and reporting. Flexible operation is achieved through innovative hardware design.

The design of the 97311 flare eliminates the need for refractory lining in the combustion chamber.

The S&J 97311 accommodates fluctuating gas stream composed of low BTU “wet” methane. It can withstand the severest of process environments including high wind loading and seismic conditions as specified.


  • No visible flame
  • Controlled Combustion environment with natural draft design
  • Meets emission standards of EPA & local regulations
  • High Destruction removal efficiency
  • High turn down ratios
  • Ground Level inspirating venturi pilot/ignition lines
  • Operates with low input pressures
  • Advanced ground level automatic ignition system
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