97200 Flame Check

The S&J 97200 Flame Check provides an in-line barrier against flame flashback in small gas lines. They are typically installed in pilot lines supplying fuel burning devices used in flares and waste gas burners. They are also used in vent piping servicing manometer pressure taps and diaphragm regulators.

Optimally, the flame check should be located as close as possible to the open end of the vent pipe or to the potential source of the flame. The flame check quenches in-line flashback by lowering the gas temperature to below its ignition point. The 97200 provides safe, reliable flashback protection with a woven wire design.

The flame check allows maximum flow with minimal pressure drop. It is also easily serviced and installed with pipe union housing.

Its aluminum and stainless steel components withstand the severest of process environments. The S&J 97200 is especially designed for hydrogen sulfide and hot, wet methane which are the main components of digester gas streams in municipal waste water treatment facilities.


  • Flame Flashback Prevention
  • High Flow Capacity
  • Standard Stainless Steel
  • Sizes 1/4″ Through 2″
  • 25 PSIG Working Pressure
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