97120 Sediment Trap

The S&J 97120 Sediment Trap is designed to drop out sediment and condensate from “wet” gas immediately downstream from the digester. This protects downstream equipment from corrosion, blockage and water hammer to keep the gas train running for years with low pressure drop.

The inlet nozzle sets up a centrifugal force and a sharp drop in velocity. This combination of forces very efficiently removes the majority of sediment and condensate from the “wet” gas.

Available in large capacities (minimum of 6 gallons condensate and 6 gallons sediment) and with drip trap connection ports, the S&J 97120 provides easy clean out and minimized maintenance times.

Materials of construction include steel or stainless steel, 316 stainless steel hardware is standard. Units are designed for working pressures up to 25 psig.

An optional cooling coil is available to help supplement the removal of moisture in the gas. Cooling water (supplied by others) will be run through the coil inside of the vessel.

To monitor the level of condensate inside the tank, a sight glass is available. Two 1/2” NPT connections are supplied on either side of the 97120 Sediment Trap. Isolation Valves are available in Brass, 316 Stainless Steel or Bronze. A 5/8” diameter high pressure Pyrex sight glass tube is standard.


  • Removes Sediment and Condensate
  • Low and High Pressure Units available up to 25 psi
  • Cooling Coil option available
  • Large Capacity
  • Easy Cleanout
  • Inlet Sizes 2” to 18”
  • Low Pressure Drop Design

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