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Photo of 94060 FRP Conservation Vent (Pressure/Vacuum

94060 FRP Conservation Vent

The Shand & Jurs model 94060 Conservation Vent is constructed of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP). It has been designed for superior corrosion resistance in oxidizing environments. The 94060 is ideally suited for a variety of tank storage and product conservation applications. It is applicable for the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical and waste treatment industries. This conservation vent can be utilized at the end of the line allowing vapors to escape into the atmosphere. An optional closed vent design is available to pipe-away hazardous vapors not allowed to be readily released. The 94060 is available in following configurations: (1) pressure/vacuum (OPEN), (2) pressure/vacuum with pipe-away (CLOSED), (3) pressure only (open or closed) and (4) vacuum only (VACUUM). Its method of operation allows pallets in the vent housing to open and close permitting the vacuum or pressure relief necessary to remain within permissible settings thus avoiding damage to the tanks.

The weights are resin-coated lead. Available in 2” through 24” sizes with standard ANSI 125/150 lb or EN1092-1 PN10/16 flanges.

Construction options such as encapsulated weights and extra corrosion barriers allow for use in extremely corrosive environments such as 36% HCL.

The 94060 is easy to install and is completely compatible with existing pipes, vents and tank fittings. Its low initial cost and ease of maintenance make the FRP Conservation Vent an attractive alternative to Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and Monel construction.


  • One piece construction prevents product leakage
  • Self Draining Housing prohibits condensate from seating surface
  • Simple installation & maintenance
  • Vent protection from freezing, binding and clogging
  • Optional pipe-away relieves vapors through a flanged connection
  • 470 Derakane standard, 411 Derakane and Furan available

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