94050 Polyvinyl Chloride Conservation Vent

The Shand & Jurs PVC Conservation Vents are designed for highly corrosive service where toxic liquids are stored. They are an excellent alternative to coated metal construction, where frequent corrosion due to the presence of pinholes is a problem. PVC vents are intended to provide pressure and/or vacuum relief on atmospheric storage tanks requiring normal venting.

This vent functions in the same manner as standard metal construction pressure/vacuum vents, preventing excessive product evaporation losses due to normal tank breathing. Controlling emissions of toxic and corrosive vapors to the atmosphere is a beneficial consideration.
Available in various venting configurations: pressure only, pressure/ vacuum or vacuum only, with choice of end-of-line or pipeaway styles.

Vent construction is polyvinyl chloride throughout with flat face flanges to match standard ANSI 125/150 Ib. flanges. Other flange types available upon request.

Diaphragms are cushion seated and are constructed of FEP teflon for reliability and extended service life. Vent design utilizes both peripherally and stem guided pallets for dependable operation.


  • Designed for highly corrosive service
  • Excellent alternative to coated metal construction
  • Provides pressure and/or vacuum relief
  • Normal tank breathing prevents excessive product losses
  • Controls emissions of toxic and corrosive vapors to the atmosphere
  • Sizes 2” to 12” available

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