33130D Digital Controller

The Model 33130D Webguide Controller eliminates the need for a separate electronic controller for various guiding applications.

The revolutionary controller accepts input signals from all of GPE’s photoelectric and capacitance sensors. Also two different control modes are provided, PSF (Proportional Speed Floating) or PPF (Predictive Position Feedback). Controller outputs can operate the proper moving coil systems of GPE electrohydraulic controls.

The 33130D allows the operator to precisely adjust parameters via an external keyboard. The setpoints and present operating conditions are conveniently displayed on a local LCD display.


  • Proportional Control

  • Reset Control (Optional)

  • Accepts Inputs from GPE Sensors

  • Digital Hydraulic Controller

  • Keypad Adjustable Gain, Zero

  • Microprocessor Controlled

  • Digital & Analog Display

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