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Photo of 31850 LED Edge Guide Sensor

31850 LED Edge Guide Sensor

The Model 31850 LED Edge Guide Sensors are specifically designed for strip guiding applications where maximum versatility is required. 

The sensor is available in standard gap (10′ maximum) or wide gap (20′ maximum) housing configurations for any application. Either housing configuration is extremely durable. Both sensors consist of two separate housings that contain the light source and the detector respectively. 

The use of a solid state source and detector units ensure reliability and eliminates periodic service. The light source is modulated by frequency beyond the range of ambient light sources. The detector circuitry includes a notch filter which permits detecting only the source light frequency. All external ambient light frequencies are restricted from entering the sensors.

The standard gap housing’s light source and detector can be spaced from 3″ to 120″ and the wide gap housing’s range is 3″ and 240″, for maximum flexibility. The Model 31850 Edge Guide Sensors are intended to be used with a GPE Controls Electronic Controller, which provides the operating signal. 

When two sensors are used, centerguide operation is also possible. 

The Model 31850 can also be used to retrofit existing GPE Controls Model 31550 and Model 31551 Edge Guide Sensors, while still using existing housings.


  • Detects More Than .005″ Of Lateral Strip Displacement

  • Wide & Standard Gap Configurations for all Applications

  • Steel Housings Withstand Heavy Vibrations and Impacts

  • LED Light Source is Solid State, Virtually Eliminating Replacement

  • LED Not Affected by External Light

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