31590 Linear Position Transmitter

GPE Controls Model 31590 Position Transmitter is a heavy-duty assembly packaged for industrial on-line applications.

Electrically, it is a rotary potentiometer, but mechanically it is built withstand rugged environments and translates linear motion into rotary motion.

The Model 31590 Linear Position Transmitter is used principally as a feedback for valve actuators. This unit can be used in many applications on moving web processes, such as sensor following feedback and final control element feedback.

A stainless steel cable which moves parallel or perpendicular to the plane of the mounting base is wound on a spring loaded drum. Motion of the cable causes rotation of the drum which is attached to the shaft of the potentiometer by means of a flexible coupling.

A double bearing system is used on the shaft of the drum to minimize side thrust and overloading, thereby providing long life.

Although resistance output is standard, the Model 31590 can be supplied with a separate power supply in a JIC housing, which will provide current or voltage outputs.


  • Linear Position Transmitter

  • 0.5% of Full Stroke Accuracy

  • 0 to 2000 Ohm Full Stroke Output

  • Right, Left, Up, or Down Operations

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