31581 Autowide Center Sensor

The Model 31581 Autowide Centerguide Sensor is designed specifically to provide continuous scanning of the entire span of strip width variations. This eliminates operator adjustments for strip width changes. The sensor consists of two light source housings and two solar cell housings. 250 watt lamps are used as the light source and the number of lamps required is determined by the detector length.

The silicone solar cell is a photovoltaic strip, which generates a voltage (or current) proportional to the amount of light falling on it. Extremely versatile, this sensor can be mounted up to 48 inches apart, providing greater installation flexibility.

The Model 33130D Digital Controller is required for sensor operation. It is designed to accept input signals required. Strip position errors are detected in the tuned circuit and rectified and as a result to controller DC output is proportional to the error signal. Model 33130D can provide control modes, such as, Proportional Speed Floating (PSF) or Predictive Position Feedback (PPF). Output signals are intended for use with GPE’s electrohydraulic controller.


  • Completely Automatic: Sensor scans the entire span of strip width variations, eliminating operator adjustments for width changes

  • Simple Calibration: No Sensor adjustments necessary. Requires only gain and bias adjustments at controller with no interaction

  • Reliable Operation: Photocell and lamps operate at low voltage for increased life. Solid state electronics throughout controller

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