L&J engineering adds MCG 8153 Flexible Magnetostrictive Level Gauge

Hillside, IL — March 18, 2013 — L&J Engineering is pleased to introduce all new MCG 8153 Flexible Magnetostrictive Level Gauge to its line of level gauges.

The MCG 8153 Flexible Magnetostrictive Level Gauge is a highly accurate, continuous measurement device that is easy to install and maintain. In addition to measuring two levels (product and interface), five (5) temperature sensors are embedded in the probe at different levels to provide average temperature measurement of the product. The MCG 8153 features a multi-protocol capable digital output to easily interface with both existing and new systems.

With flexible probes in lengths up to 70 feet, the MCG 8153 Gauge can be installed in nearly any type of storage or process vessel; aboveground or underground. Mounting options include an NPT or flange connection. The MCG 8153 can provide both level gauging data and act as a point switch for process vessels or overspill alarms.

Photo of MCG 8151/8153