MCG 1600SFI Radar Gauge with Parabolic Antenna: Dependable Radar Level Gauging for Asphalt and Bitumen

Designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA, L&J engineering MCG 1600SFI Radar Gauges reliably solve challenging gauging issues common to asphalt and molten Sulphur storage tanks.

The flagship MCG 1600SFI Radar Gauge, equipped with L&J’s industry-beating Parabolic Antenna – a robust unit designed specifically for the demands of harsh tank environments – consistently delivers accurate level measurements in the most challenging bitumen/asphalt applications.


  • Frequency Modulated Continuous Waveform
  • Crystal-controlled Phase Lock Loop Technology
  • Ultra High-speed Floating Point Digital Signal Processor for Continuous Calibration
  • Complete Programming and Calibration Functions via Hand-held Infrared Calibrator


  • +/- 0.5 MM accuracy, Custody-transfer compliant
  • Antenna design with no horizontal surfaces (per API Ch. 3.1B, Ed. 1)
  • High signal-to-noise ratio of Parabolic antenna yields higher accuracy
  • Suitable for extremely demanding tank environments
  • Heavy-duty antennas withstand harsh asphalt tank gauging applications and aggressive cleaning regimens


  • High-temperature oxidized (“blown”) bitumen/asphalt storage tanks
  • Lower-temperature asphalt cutbacks and petroleum solvent storage tanks
  • Molten Sulphur storage tanks
Photo of 1600SFI with parabolic antenna
MCG 1600SFI with Parabolic Antenna