19111 Hydraulic Power Supply

The Model 19111 is a complete Hydraulic Pump Unit consisting of pump, motor, 30 gallon reservoir and necessary accessories. Designed primarily for hydraulic controller application, it can be used wherever hydraulic power is required.

Designed to meet JIC standards, the unit is available with a wide variety of pumps and motors. The constant volume pumps vary from 5 to 9 GPM with pressure from 125 to 780 psi. General Purpose or Explosion Proof motors vary from 3/4 to 3 horsepower. The reservoir is sized to eliminate the need for auxiliary cooling in all ranges except the 3 horsepower range when approximately 2 GPM of cooling water is required.

Accessory items include a relief valve, suction strainer, pressure filter, level gage, pressure gage, filler cap and breather. A large size clean out door on the side and an elevated drain plug enable normal service to be performed with a minimum of effort. Vane type pumps are cartridge type enabling moving parts to be removed without disconnecting piping.

This versatile unit provides for integrally mounting one or two GPE Controls, Dynaguide Controllers which are piped and ready for connection to hydraulic cylinders.


  • Designed to meet JIC standards

  • Sturdy reservoir elevated for maximum heat dissipation

  • 3/4 to 3 horsepower

  • 5 to 9 GPM

  • 125 to 780 psi

  • Provides simple, trouble-free operation with cleaning or maintenance time at a minimum

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