14130 Crank Type Cylinder

Model 14130 Crank Type Cylinders accept hydraulic oil to produce a rotary motion 90 degrees maximum. The models consist of a linear motion cylinder and a linkage which connects to a rotary motion.

The cylinder requires extremely low breakloose pressure, which assures accurate positioning for the smallest output change of a hydraulic controller, because the piston and cylinder are accurately fitted without rings or packing by individually grinding and lapping each piston into a honed cylinder. Simplicity of design and precision manufacture assure long trouble free performance with unimpaired sensitivity and accuracy.

Because of the unique construction of the cylinder, there is no loss of piston area due to the piston rod and therefore the stroking speed and force are the same in each direction. This provides for a simple method of obtaining manual operation by employing a bypass pump in a bypass piping manifold.

Crank Type Cylinders provide a readily adaptable means of correcting the undesirable non-linear characteristics of a butterfly valve. The angular travel of the crank is readily adjustable to provide the maximum operating force for seating the valve in the closed position.

Various size crank arms are available for the 3″ (bore diameter of the cylinder) size, including an adjustable crank arm which provides for full piston travel for a given angular travel of the final control element. Connecting rods are available for all sizes, which are easily altered to length in the field.

All three sizes of cylinders are available with optional equipment including de-clutching manual operator (handwheel type), limit switches, and pilot valves.


  • 3″ and 3 1/2″ Sizes

  • Full 90 Degree Rotation

  • Optional Manual Operator

  • Average Output Torque 2760 in. lbs. to 3750 in. lbs.

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