13120 Hydraulic Controller

The Model 13120 Hydraulic Controller (servo valve) is specifically designed for any control system applications that require high performance hydraulic control or continuous servo valve actuation. The Dynaguide* Hydraulic Controller accepts electrical or pneumatic signal inputs from primary sensors. This signal is converted into a powerful hydraulic signal, through the use of an integrally mounted moving coil or diaphragm assembly and a jet pipe nozzle.

The Dynaguide controller is also available with hydraulic boosters to extend the power range of the jet pipe controller. The booster is a spool type servo in which the spool is hydraulically servoed to follow the jet pipe motion to also provide proportional speed control. GPE boosters have an adjustable gain feature that allows optimum matching to the specific hydraulic system.

Model 13120 features a unique dual bearing jet pipe suspension that minimizes any friction effects and practically eliminates dead band. Also, hydraulic pressure forces are counterbalanced and this allows hydraulic pressures up to 800 psi for jet pipe and 1000 or 2000 psi for controllers with 3/8″ or 3/4″ boosters.


  • Jet Pipe Design
    Pioneered by GPE Controls, the jet pipe principle of hydraulic control is the most reliable, high performance, trouble-free, stable and accurate method of control yet conceived

  • Accurate
    Control speed is proportional to error, thus providing smooth, accurate performance

  • Flexible
    Designed to suit any process application … usable with any hydraulic supply up to 2000 psi when used with special boosters

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