L&J engineering's New WINGauge Software Version 5.0

Hillside, IL — December 12th, 2012 — WINGauge is an industrial data acquisition system specifically designed to monitor real-time inventory data from remote storage tank gauging equipment. The new WINGauge V5 offers distinct advantages for the tank storage industry.

New Information Displays
A variety of useful new displays are available. Version 5 has new Operator Console, Alarm History, Level History, Trending, Event Logging, Servo Control, System Configuration, and Field Diagnostic panels.

Network Operation
The application can also be configured to operate as a network client: it can connect to an active gauging system and replicate the complete user experience. For customers with distributed operations, WINGauge will function flawlessly over the Internet, over virtually any kind of Internet connection.

Flexible Visual Presentation
Version 5’s Dynamic Toolbar, Dynamic Menu Bar and Dynamic Forms Generator provide the system administrator with unparalleled ability to control the user interface and the presentation of tank gauging data.

Dynamic Report Generator
The new Dynamic Report Generator applies these same ease-of-use principles to the creation of printed reports.

Pump Logging
Tank transfers may be created, monitored, paused and stopped. Automatic termination of a transfer may be programmed to occur when a specific volume is reached.

Improved Hardware Support
Version 5 has sophisticated hardware interfacing, including the new digital wireless gauging product line.

Full SQL database support has been implemented, for both the Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle MySQL database products. The contents of all database tables are available for use by external applications.

New host system connectivity and remote configuration functions have been implemented. In addition to the numerous standard protocols, a sophisticated OPC server plug-in provides convenient access to all MCG3900 configuration and live data fields. Any standard OPC client may be used for this purpose, and most WINGauge operational parameters can be remotely updated on-the-fly using OPC and/or Modbus protocols.

WINGauge supports many different protocols such as Modbus, Ti-way, Profibus to name a few. Contact us for a complete list of protocols and a free demonstration.

Screen shot o WINGauge Software version 5