Wireless Advantages for Inventory Management Systems

L&J Engineering’s Wireless communication option is an easy, simple solution for your facility. By integrating wireless communication with one of our level gauging devices, the gauge transmits a wireless signal back to the wireless base station which then sends the information back to the inventory management system.

For applications that impose difficult physical barriers and others that require a need for advanced technology, L&J engineering has the solution. Download full Wireless Systems Brochure.

Reduced Installation & Operation Costs
Cost savings is one of the major advantages to using wireless networks for level gauging applications. Wireless field networks are easier and less costly to install than traditional wired systems, simply because they’re wireless. Wireless technology saves time and money by not having to run conduit and wiring over long distances.

Enhance Productivity
When it comes to enhancing overall workforce productivity, L&J Engineering’s fast and simple integration of wireless transmitters, radar gauges and level alarm probes help ensure continued efficiency and profitability. Going wireless can slash the time and effort necessary to add a new measurement point and will get tanks up and running sooner which means lower self-imposed penalties.

Easy to Retrofit to Existing Equipment
Retrofitting wired gauges can be time consuming and expensive, especially when having problems with the old wiring throughout the tank farm. By going wireless, you can eliminate a majority of these problems and solve technical issues as well.

MCG 5102 - Wireless Base Station
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