L&J engineering adds evo 2600SW Stilling Well Adapter to Evolution Series

Hillside, IL — September 14th, 2012 — Today L&J Engineering, an industry leader in the level gauging market, has added the all new evo 2600SW Stilling Well Adapter to its evolution series of Radar Level Gauges.

The evo 2600SW Stilling Well Adapter has made replacing existing float and tape gauges with radar level gauging technology simple and convenient for the end user. By utilizing the existing nozzle for the float and tape gauge, the evo 2600 can easily fit into the 1.5″ (minimum) coupling so that there’s no need to add additional nozzles to the storage tank. The evo 2600SW comes in approximately 6′ sections that easily couple together with a threaded coupling piece. These sections are then lowered down into the tank section by section until the evo 2600SW is finally coupled to your evo 2600 radar gauge.

Installation for the evo 2600SW further proves how L&J engineering continues to evolve to meet changing demands. The evo 2600SW can be installed while the tank is in-service so there is no need to take your tanks out of service to mount the radar gauge.

Photo of Stilling Well Adapter with evo 2600 Radar Gauge