Shand & Announces New Drip Trap Control Panel

Hillside, IL — August 26th, 2011 — Shand & Jurs Biogas, a leading manufacturer of quality digester gas safety equipment and waste gas burners, is pleased to announce the addition of a Local Control Panel option for High and Low Pressure Electronically Actuated Drip Traps.

The actuators on the Drip Trap can now be controlled either manually or with the new Local Control Panel. Its internal programmable timer allows the Local Control Panel to automatically cycle through Fill and Drain cycles.

The Local Control Panel adds great convenience for plant operators and can monitor up to 5 Low Pressure or 3 High Pressure Electronically Actuated Drip Traps. Indicators on the Local Control Panel include Auto/Manual Mode, Manual Open/Close and also Indicators to show when the drip trap is filling or draining. Typical enclosures available are Nema 4X Fiberglass, Nema 4X 316 Stainless Steel or Nema 7 Aluminum.

Phto of Drip Trap control Panel and Drip Traps