Monitor when Pressure and Emergency Pressure Devices are Relieving with Shand & Jurs Limit and Proximity Switch Assemblies

Hillside, IL — June 27th, 2011 — Shand & Jurs, an L&J Technologies Company, with almost 90 years of experience in Tank Vents and Gauging, is pleased to announce the addition of both Limit and Proximity Switches to our Pressure Relieving Vents.

In this new age of always wanting more information, Shand & Jurs now offers a way to monitor when Pressure and Emergency Pressure devices are relieving. The Limit Switch is a visual device that allows the operator to see if their vents are relieving. Our Proximity Switch can send a signal to notify the operator when a pressure device is relieving. This valuable information can be monitored and tracked. The instant reliable data will prove to be an asset that avoids the hassle of guess work and a saving of both time and money.