L&J Engineering Announces New evo 2600 Radar Gauge

Hillside, IL — June 7th, 2011 — Today L&J Engineering, an industry leader in the level gauging market, has announced the release of the evo 2600 Radar Gauge.

The evo 2600 Radar Gauge is a part of L&J Engineering’s new Evolution Series of Radar Level Gauges. Compact in nature, the evo 2600 Radar Gauge is an innovative, easy to handle, highly reliable radar gauge that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Utilizing L&J’s latest and most technologically advanced radar technology, the evo 2600 uses FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology operating in the 26GHz frequency band to ensure that it delivers high quality precision with ±3 mm standard accuracy.

One of the new evolutionary features of the evo 2600 is the new e.WAVE graphical LCD display. The e.WAVE display provides a vast array of detailed information for the user including level, temperature, discrete status, and a magnitude of diagnostics. In the case of special applications or circumstances, the e.WAVE display provides you with a graphical profile of your tank to ensure there are no unforeseen obstructions or intrusions in your level gauging applications. The e.WAVE will allow you to fine tune the radar unit to cancel out disturbances in the tank. All programmed and processed information can also be displayed on the radar’s e.WAVE display.

“The evo 2600 Radar Gauge is another example of how L&J Engineering continues to evolve its product offerings with new features and benefits not found in other products,” Product Manager Jim Jannotta said. “The evo 2600 is designed to be user friendly as well as to ensure maximum reliability in a wide variety of level gauging applications.”

The evo 2600 uses L&J’s e.CAL Intuitive Setup Wizard to assure setup of the radar gauge in minutes without violating explosion proof environments. As with all the L&J’s state of the art level gauging solutions, the evo 2600 is configured via infrared technology by using the MCG 2150 Remote Calibrator. There is also an optional ground level display unit which allows you to program and setup the radar gauge at ground level without having to climb the tank. By configuring the radar with the handheld infrared calibrator, there is no need to violate the explosion proof environment by removing the cover.

The evo 2600 is designed, tested and manufactured in the USA to ensure a high quality and reliable product. With great communication options, the evo 2600 has the ability to support a variety of digital protocols and analog outputs which ensures compatibility and installation flexibility.

The evo 2600 Radar Gauge can be used in a number of applications including powder and bulk solids, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paraffin, molten sulfur, phosgene, latex, polyethylene, limestone rock, liquefied gases, etc. Years of experience have enabled L&J Engineering to provide optimal antenna configurations for different applications. Some antenna options for the evo 2600 include conical horn antenna and a parabolic antenna.

L&J Engineering is an industry leader whose radar offerings have evolved to meet industry demands. The new Evolution Series of radar gauges combine the most advanced features available on the market today to give you the most value for your dollar. L&J is continually evolving at every level.

evo 2600 Radar Gauge