Monitor When a Digester or Vessel is Relieving with WirelessHART Mesh Networking

Hillside, IL — May 4th, 2020 — Shand & Jurs Biogas now offers a way to monitor when a digester or vessel is relieving. L&J engineering’s WirelessHART mesh capabilities allow you to bring completely wireless safety instrumentation to previously unmonitored digester or vessel accessories.

WirelessHART mesh networking is designed to be a self-organizing, self-healing network without the need for line of sight. It minimizes points of failure even in the toughest conditions. A battery operated WirelessHART Indicator mounted to the top of each digester or vessel vent communicates to a neighboring WirelessHART Indicator creating a mesh network that will connect to a MCG 5200 WirelessHART Gateway. If an Indicator cannot be seen by the gateway, other Indicators will find a path to transmit the data to the gateway.

This data is available on the MCG 7030 Touch Panel Alarm Monitor with wireless receiver or in the control room SCADA system. It is highly securable, easy to use and configurable featuring high data reliability.

photo of L&J 1097 Wireless HART Relief Alarm
L&J 1097 WirelessHART Relief Alarm