L&J engineering introduces all new MCG 8151 Flexible Magnetostrictive Probe

Hillside, IL — April 4, 2012 — L&J engineering, an industry leader in the level gauging market, has added the MCG 8151 Flexible Magnetostrictive Probe to its 8100 Series of Magnetostrictive Probes. The MCG 8151 Flexible Magnetostrictive Level Probe is a highly accurate continuous level measurement device. With a high resolution of +/- .001″, the MCG 8151 can gather level gauging information on the product and also act as a point switch for overfill alarms.

In addition to measuring product and interface levels, five temperature sensors are embedded in the probe at different levels to provide average temperature measurement of the product. The MCG 8151 is comprised of a wave guide, a probe housing, a float with permanently-embedded magnets, and a motion or stress sensing device.

Easy to install and maintain, the MCG 8151 probe is available in lengths up to 70 feet. The MCG 8151 can be installed in nearly any type of storage or process vessel (aboveground or underground). Mounting options include 2″, 3″ or 4″ openings, other openings are available upon request. Flanged connections are also available.

The MCG 8151 may be used in conjunction with L&J engineering’s MCG 8100 Tank Monitor or MCG 1010M Magnetostrictive Receiver. The MCG 8100 communicates and provides power to L&J engineering’s 81XX series of Magnetostrictive Sensors and Probes through a convenient 4 wire data highway. With the ability to connect up to 20 individual probes, the MCG 8100 is easy to operate and can generate inventory reports on demand or at programmed intervals. The MCG 1010M Magnetostrictive Receiver can provide a local display as well as an analog or digital communication output.

Photo of MCG 8151/8153