Shand & Jurs Now Offers Conservation and Vacuum Vents with a HEPA Filter

Hillside, IL — January 2, 2013 — Shand & Jurs, a leader in tank gauging and tank protection equipment, has developed pressure and vacuum conservation vents that incorporates the HEPA Filter mounted on the vacuum inlet opening. As an accessory to conservation vents, the HEPA Filter is vital in clean liquid applications.

When storing clean liquids, it’s important to protect the stored product from outside air that might contain dust and other contaminants. By utilizing the HEPA Filter on the vacuum side of the conservation vent, contaminants are strained from entering the tank and contaminating the product. The standard HEPA filter is rated for a minimum efficiency of 99.97% on 0.3 micron particles.

The HEPA Filter option is suitable for clean industries that include semiconductor fabrication, pharmaceutical processing, medical device manufacturing, dental device manufacturing, digital device manufacturing, photo processing, industrial processing systems, laboratories, hospitals, food and beverage processing plants, computer manufacturing, ultrapure chemical manufacturing, high purity water and chemical storage.

The HEPA Filter option is available on Shand & Jurs Models 94020 Conservation Vent (Pressure/Vacuum)94115 Vacuum Vent (Side Mounted), and 94110 Vacuum Vent. Shand & Jurs can provide special cleaning, passivation, and special materials of construction for your unique applications.

Photo of Conservation and Vacuum Vents with a HEPA Filter