MCG 1500SFI Smart Flash Infrared Servo Gauge

L&J engineering Model MCG 1500SFI
  • ≤ ± 0.4mm Accuracy

  • Measures product and interface with custody transfer accuracy

  • Infrared Calibration

  • Advanced flash memory technology

  • Ground level display eliminates tank climbing

  • Minimal moving parts (3) ensure reliability

  • Wireless Mesh Level Gauging Compatible

Brushless Design Eliminates Moving Parts
With only three moving parts (drum assembly, gear assembly, and stepper motor) and only two PC boards (the CPU and the strain gauge amplifier), L&J has minimized parts to ensure reliability. Brushless design eliminates the inherent problem of friction and wear on the contacts. The MCG 1500SFI is the most compact and lightest servo available today.

Calibration Made Simple
The versatile MCG 1500SFI incorporates various self-calibration procedures to ensure absolute integrity as well as accuracy. Routines which are built into the processor have been designed to compensate for any possible product build-up on the displacer or any "give" or "play" in the cable.

Engineered For High Performance
± 0.4mm accuracy coupled with the 0.4mm repeatability provides the highest accuracy available in servo technology. The servo housing is divided into two sections, the drum chamber and the electronics chamber. The drum chamber is isolated from the electronics chamber by a magnetic coupling. The electronic chamber is a gas tight, explosion proof housing which isolates the electrical components from both the product environment and the atmosphere. The MCG 1500SFI typically communicates using the standard L&J Tankway 4-wire data highway, yet simple plug-in modules can be utilized to provide for emulation of most existing, as well as custom field protocols or analog outputs.

Ground Level Display
The optional Ground Level Display (MCG 1350) is a remote LCD display which is identical in form and function to the display on the main unit. It enables complete programming and calibration functions via the MCG 2150 Remote Calibrator.

Inventory Management
The MCG 1500SFI servos, which transmit level and temperature data, can be remotely accessed by a computer/receiver such as the MCG 3900 via the L&J Tankway. Product temperature is obtained by using a 3-wire R.T.D. (copper or platinum), or a MCG 350/351 averaging temperature probe with a MCG 2350 which is connected to an on-board analog-to-digital converter. It is no longer necessary to climb to the top of the tank to access the desired information or perform any of the programming functions. Simple plug-in interface modules emulate any existing, as well as custom field protocols or analog outputs. New or updated programs can be downloaded to any MCG 1500SFI into its on-board flash memory "on the fly" to incorporate communication protocol changes and additional functionality.