94130 Pressure Relief Vent (Open or Closed Vent Option)

Shand & Jurs 94130 Pressure Relief Vent(Open or Closed Vent Option)
  • Available with Expanda-Seal™ Option

  • Low copper aluminum alloy construction

  • Reduced need for special materials in corrosive and extreme temperature

  • Peripheral and stem guided pressure pallet assures smooth lift and closure

  • Positive seal and minimal blow down

  • Capacity certified to API standards

  • Reduced maintenance and installation costs

  • Optional Insulation Jackets Available

The Shand & Jurs Model 94130 Pressure Relief Vent is designed to provide pressure relief with high efficiency, maximum flow capacity and minimum leakage. The easily service able configuration and light weight construction reduces maintenance and installation costs. A variety of construction materials are available as part of the standard design which are ideally suited for highly corrosive and toxic product applications.

For dependable performance, Shand & Jurs Pressure Relief Vents utilize pressure pallets that are both peripherally and center stem guided. The standard diaphragm is "Air Cushion Seated" and constructed of Teflon for high resistance to adhesion of ice and gum formation. A range of sizes and configurations, such as closed vent hood and flame snuffers are available. Standard pressure setting is 1/2 oz. per square inch.