764, 766, & 768 (F) Dual Actuator Flanged Chamber Mounted Switch

Omnitrol - Single Actuator Welded Chamber Mounted Switches
  • Factory Calibrated to each applications specific gravity

  • Hydrostatically Tested at 1.5 times the maximum design pressure

  • Available in CS, 304SS, 316SS

  • UL & CSA Approved

Models 764F, 766F and 768F are double actuator flanged chamber mounted units.

Switching differentials for standard specific gravity settings are shown in Table A on reverse side. Maximum specific gravity for these controls is 1.4

The lower switching point of the lower actuator is 8-1.4" below the centerline of the horizontal connection of the chamber. Switching gap at standard specific gravity will be set at 4" unless otherwise specified, but may vary from a minimum of 2" on all models to a maximum of 4" on the 4" model and maximum of 6" on the 6" and 8" models.

These models are available in various pressure ranges shown in Table Below. The desired pressure rating of the controls is included in the figure number.

These models have dual actuators and are available with graphite displacers.