Reliable, Accurate Non-Contact Radar Level Gauges

± 0.5 mm accuracy

± 3 mm accuracy

Reliable, Accurate Non-Contact
Radar Level Gauges

The L&J engineering MCG 1600SFI Smart Flash Infrared Radar Gauge with an accuracy of ± 0.5 mm and evo 2600 Radar Level Gauge with accuracy of ± 3 mm offer lightweight simple top-down installation along with trouble-free operation, customized, cost effective solutions for all your level gauging needs for a wide range of process applications, including dirty and corrosive products.

With intuitive set up wizards that have the radar up and gauging in under 5 minutes without the removing the cover and internally wiring any external devises or laptops to optional ground level displays that are identical in form and function enabling programming and calibration from the ground make L&J engineering your best choice for all your non-contact leveling needs.

Contact us today and let us help you decide what solution will work best for you and your operation.

MCG 1600SFI and evo 2600 are shown with optional WirelessHART

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