MCG 8160 Liquid/Hydrocarbon Sensor

L&J engineering MCG 8160 Liquid/Hydrocarbon Sensor
  • Parts Per Million Accuracy

  • Certified for Ground Monitoring

  • Senses Hydrocarbon Liquids in Ground Water

  • Senses Hydrocarbon Vapors in Soil Surrounding Underground Tanks

The MCG 8160, MCG 8165 and MCG 8170 are a powerful trio of leak sensors. These three probes can function together as part of a complete leak detection system by sensing for leaks in existing tanks and testing for hydrocarbon liquids in ground water, as well as hydrocarbon vapors in the soil surrounding underground tanks. All three sensors feature L&J's exclusive 4-wire data highway, and can be used to communicate with L&J monitoring computers, such as the MCG 8100, for comprehensive remote tank monitoring.

The MCG 8160 Liquid/Hydrocarbon Sensor
The first of these probes, the MCG 8160, uses two separate sensors to detect the presence of a liquid, and identify whether that liquid is water or a hydrocarbon. The MCG 8160's ability to make this distinction can help pinpoint whether the inner or outer wall of a dual-containment system has been breached. The probe can also be installed in dry monitoring wells, where it's often used in conjunction with L&J's top-rated vapor sensor- the MCG 8170.