MCG 7000 Alarm Monitor

L&J engineering MCG 7000 Alarm Monitor  

MCG 7000 Alarm Monitor has been replaced by the MCG 7030 Touch Panel Alarm Monitor.

Peace of Mind
The MCG 7000 Alarm Monitor offers complete remote self-checking of alarm probes through cutting-edge technology that makes the system accurate, extremely reliable and fully compatible with most commercially available level alarm switches.

The MCG 7000 meets all the requirements of an independent, alarm system; it even includes an optional battery pack and charger to operate the system during power outages. In fact, when coupled with an existing gauging or SCADA system, the MCG 7000 can also function as an alarm data acquisition station.

Up to 128 separate alarm probes can be monitored by the MCG 7000 using a single, 4 wire data highway. If the system is used as a controller, it can monitor 48 individually wired alarm probes. The system uses an 80 character LCD to provide immediate alarm data, and a paper tape printer to automatically print alarms as they occur and for output of a daily event log.

The MCG 7000 also offers two communication ports. With the 4-wire data highway port, the MCG 7000 becomes a remote alarm data acquisition device and can pass alarm data to the gauging and/or SCADA system along existing field wiring. With the RS-232 serial port, the MCG 7000 can be interfaced to any device or host computer.

Remote Reporting
The addition of a modem to the RS-232 port or TCP/IP connection allows any number of MCG 7000s to be linked to a central monitoring of alarms from even the most remote location. While most commercially available level alarm switches can be used with the MCG 7000, the system can only provide complete self-checking when coupled with the L&J Engineering MCG 1090 Alarm Probe or with the L&J Engineering MCG 1095 Wireless Alarm Probe.