MCG 1350M Ground Level Display

L&J engineering Model MCG 1350M Ground Level Display
  • Remote Calibration of L&J Gauges

  • Remote Programming of SFI Gauges

  • Eliminates Tank Climbing

  • Display Data at Remote Location

    Used to monitor, program and calibrate the following equipment from ground level:
  MCG 1500SFI Servo Gauge
  MCG 1600SFI Radar Gauge
  MCG 2000MAX Transmitter
  evo 2600 Radar Gauge

L&J Technologies is constantly making the job easier for the end user. One of these ways is by offering a Ground level Display to the L&J Engineering line of products. L&J makes it no longer necessary to climb to the top of the tank to access the desired information or perform any of the programming functions.

The MCG 1350M Ground Level Display comprises a circular cast aluminum alloy housing having a circular threaded cast aluminum alloy cover which incorporates a flat circular window for observation of an internal display. The internal equipment is comprised of a PCB with the graphical LCD assembly. Power is provided by the host equipment.

The Ground Level Display is an explosion-proof, graphical LCD readout enclosure that is typically located at eye level at the bottom of the tank at a nearby building.

The MCG 1350M allows for easy access of built-in diagnostic features of L&J equipment to test and verify operation without having to climb the tank.

The MCG 1350M GLD provides the same data display as is utilized by the MCG 1500SFI Servo Gauge, MCG 1600SFI Radar Gauge, MCG 2000MAX Transmitter and the evo 2600 Radar Gauge. This allows you to be able to apply any of the programming functions of the L&J Engineering product line.

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