13110 Hydraulic Controller

GPE 13110 Hydraulic Controller
    The Model 13110 Proportional-Speed Floating Hydraulic Controller is designed for applications where a group of controllers are supplied from a separate, but common power supply. The controller has a practical output range of approximately 235 to 45,000 pounds of force at the actuator. Model 13110 accepts pressure, differential pressure or electric signals.

The Series 13100 Hydraulic Controllers are designed to provide hydraulic control wherever required. These controllers operate on the basic jet pipe principle, whereby a small signal impulse is amplified into a powerful control force.

The signal impulse may be from a pneumatic, mechanical or electrical measuring system which can exert a force on the jet pipe. For control applications of pressure, flow, ratio or other variables the following input signal systems are generally used: diaphragm, bellows, Bourdon tube or moving coil. These signal systems provide the force that moves the jet pipe, causing it to unbalance the flow of oil in the two receiving orifices. The signal force is balanced either by a calibrated spring with set point adjustment or by feedback from a secondary system.

These controllers have a practical output range or approximately 235 to 45,000 pounds of force at the actuator.