Versa-Cap Integral 450 or Remote 460

VERSA-CAP Integral 450 or Remote 460 PDF Intelligent R.F. Capacitance Level Transmitter
  • Requires only one level change 2% or greater, for calibration

  • Convenient analog and digital process display

  • Keystroke set-up of analog, relay, deadband, time-delay,and fail-safe settings

  • Universal Power Supply Accepts 115 Volts, 230 Volts AC or 24 Volts DC

  • Independently adjustable relay set-points with differential

Versa-Cap is a versatile R.F. Capacitance Level Transmitter for liquids, slurries and bulk solid applications.

The sensing probe is energized with an R.F. (radio frequency) signal of approximately 2 mHz. When the process material level changes, a change in capacitance occurs resulting in a very small change in frequency, which is converted to an accurate level reading for measurement and control.

Dela-Cal, Delavan's unique auto calibration feature, offered only in the micro-processor-based Versa-Cap system, allows the unit to be calibrated to the process material with only one level change, 2% of span or greater.

A keypad and an 8-character display ease calibration and allow the user to modify relay control, dead-band, fail-safe, and time delay settings.